Minimalist, street-wear. Loose-fit, comfortable. So why apparel? Every day, the clothing you wear is an extension of yourself. Before you ever meet someone, one of the first things people notice will be the clothes you are wearing. We see this as an opportunity to express yourself in an instant, without even saying a word. With this in mind, we hope our brand image will invite conversation from curios onlookers and serve as a natural segue to share our love for anime.

Our signature color is cherry-blossom pink for the major prevalence of Sakura trees in Japanese landscapes, art, and media. Cherry blossoms are a staple in anime for their beautiful appearance and a motif for new beginnings. Black and white, while basic and go well with almost any outfit, are prominent in our brand as they remind us of calligraphy ink on paper or countless manga pages drawn without color. Finally, we feature red in our designs for its importance in Japanese culture, notably on the national flag for sun, or on Shinto Torii shrine gates. As an additional bonus to the context of these colors, we simply find these colors to all go well with each other.