It started as a complete joke at lunch one afternoon between two friends Edmund and Emily, especially given the name we chose, along with Andrew who was president of another club. It was all of our final year at the University of Washington, and we wanted to do something memorable before graduating.
Within our circle of close friends, we often discuss the latest anime series, episodes, or movies and share our thoughts and reactions. We have been to conventions together as well. But the thought came to us that in such a large school of over 60,000 students, there had to be more people like us that we just haven’t met yet. So the thought came to us: “What if we made a weeb club, and called it WEEB NATION?! XD”, followed immediately by “wait but actually, why not?”. And thus, Weeb Nation was born. We started with an officer team of 6. By the end of the school year, we had nearly 50 regular members and over 30 bought our custom Weeb Nation hoodies. With our success at just one school, we can’t wait to see what we can achieve by expanding even further.